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TSSC, specializes in developing and applying Polyurea coatings on which improves the efficiency of your cold store or cold room. Our polyurea products are permanent sprayed-on coatings which protect the surfaces and are an excellent solution compared to traditional checkered floors.,air jordan 13 retro sngl dy gg

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Polyurea is a truly remarkable coating, for roofs, basements, vehicle bed liners, cold store floors, trailer linings and other applications. It protects against abrasion, corrosion, slipping vibration and increases the life of a variety of industrial and commercial materials. ,sell used jordans

Polyurea coatings and linings are commonly applied over various surfaces such as aluminum, concrete, fabrics and steel for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. It does not crack or peel and its extreme durability make it stronger than epoxy. It’s chemically resistant to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals.,air jordan 1 mid patent multi

The polyurea membrane is highly durable and weather proof. It fills all voids, dries up instantly and leaves no pinholes. They also have numerous advantages over conventional materials due to their extremely fast setting times, high elongation, extreme resistance to atmospheric attack and their durability abrasion characteristics. Fast cure times, flexibility and abrasion-resistance are all inherent properties of Polyurea, making it a natural choice for the high demands on any floor. ,sell used jordans

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