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Multi-tier Shelving (Racking) maximizes warehouse space by using a full height framework and constructing walkways within the rack structure to allow manual picking. With integrated mezzanine, the Multi-tier Shelving system is constructed as two or more levels. Perfect if you have a larger warehouse storing multiple items. The different height levels are accessible by stairways and calculated for a normal overload use of transitable walkways. Walkways can be constructed with wooden decking optionally in colored and anti-slip finish or with metallic decking such as perforated steel panels or grating floor. TSSC Multi-Tier Racking System is the fastest way to add extra floor space within the shade of an existing building and provides storage space at multiple levels, thus maximizing the utilization of vertical space. Shelves can be equipped with steel panels or wire decking depending on customer’s requirement. Multi-tier structures can be installed directly from the floor or alternatively on top of a specially designed mezzanine structure.,travis scott jordan 1 insole

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  • Maximum use of available height of the warehouse.
  • Access to all references from aisles.
  • Double floor space without changing premises.
  • Removes the need for a mezzanine floor.
  • Create separate zones within one centralized facility.
  • Substantial saving on construction costs due to efficient design.
  • Fire sprinkler and lighting systems easily incorporated.
  • Allows order picking on multiple levels

Multi-Tier Pallet Racking is extensively used for manufacturing operations and spare parts storage and is suitable for storage of goods on wooden, metal or mesh shelving.,air jordan 1 retro high clay green

fake jordan 12 game royal,We can provide you with the best designed Multi-Tier Pallet Racking in UAE and GCC, ideal for commercial as well as industrial warehouse storage and material handling. With years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing racking systems, we have a variety of warehousing solutions that perfectly meets your requirements at competitive price.

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